Paid Survey Websites - Scams?

Get Paid for Taking Online Surveys at these Online Survey Websites

Can You Get Paid for Taking Online Surveys?

The quick and correct answer to this question is, yes, you can get paid for taking online surveys. And if you've spent any time at all searching the internet for information on getting paid for these online surveys, you've probably started to realize that all is not always what it seems with paid survey websites. 

Are These Paid Survey Websites Scams?

Some of these sites are scams, yes. It takes very little time to set up a paid survey website, and since there is big money in any kind of work from home website, all kinds of scammers will get involved in the industry.

The usual paid survey website scam is to post a membership-based site for people who want to make money doing paid surveys, then post a bunch of useless out of date links.

This Site is NOT a Scam

Some of the things to be cautious of when looking at paid survey sites are the following:

  • Sites with no customer service
  • Sites that don't pay refunds
  • Outdated sites with useless links

The goal of this site is to provide you with some excellent resources in the paid survey industry. We've listed a handful of good quality, up-to-date paid survey websites that have excellent customer service, provide quick and easy refunds if you're not satisfied, and have updated and useful links to companies who actually exist and actually pay.

What You Can and Should Expect from a Paid Survey Site

There are probably at least 1000 paid survey sites or directories competing for your money. We of course recommend sticking with the reviewed recommendations we provide here. What you can expect from the paid survey websites listed here, and what you should look for if you decide to go elsewhere for the information, is the following:

  • No questions asked refunds on your purchase if you're dissatisfied
  • Multiple daily offers to participate in paid surveys at a rate of $10 to $30 each
  • Paid surveys from well-known companies like Target, Sprint, and other brand names

Our #1 Paid Survey Website Recommendation

Our top recommendation is Survey Scout. You can read our full review of their program by clicking here: Survey Scout review. Or you can go directly to Survey Scout's site by clicking here: Survey Scout.

A member ship to Survey Scout costs $34.95, but you get your first survey job instantly, and that survey pays $25, so it's like getting an instant rebate. Your actual cost after that for their membership is less than $10.

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